The Beer

Riptide Fiddler

ABV: 7%

IBU: 63

Final Gravity: 1.015

Hop Varietal: US Perle (Bittering); Mandarina Bavaria and Huell Melon (Whirlpool); Azacca, Cascade, and Simcoe (Dry Hop)

Malt Varietals: German Pilsner, Marris Otter, Light Malted Wheat, Light Munich, and Carafa III

Adjuncts: Dextrose

Herbal mango, grapefruit aromas from the hops blend with the lightly toasted biscuit base built from the malt bill. This hoppy amber drinks smooth with a balanced flavor profile, finishing dry with a hint of chocolate.

Inspired from the finger pickin’ licks of Dark City String, this beer calls to America’s Amber roots while integrating extra hops and grains as a tribute to the band’s cohesive complexity. Multiple base malts were combined to create a layered malt profile, while maintaining a light and playful body. Infusing three varietals of high alpha West Coast hops into this foundation rounds out the experience with notes of citrus fruits and herbal aromatics. It’s common for ambers to get their color from sweetness inducing and body thickening caramel malts. As we tend to do, it was decided to diverge on the amber style and use a touch of roasted Carafa III. This beautiful roasted malt gives Riptide Fiddler its ruby hue and imparts just a hint of chocolate as the beer disappears to the back of the throat. Employing dextrose lightens the body a bit and sets this amber apart from the crowd. So throw on some bluegrass, put on your dancing shoes, and rip some fiddlers because it’s time to hoedown.

Lil' Cabin Coffee

ABV: 4.5%

IBU: 19

Final Gravity: 1.020

Hop Varietal: US Perle

Malt Varietals: German Pilsner, Light Malted Wheat, and Flaked Oats

Adjuncts: Lactose and Sumatra Coffee Beans

Sumatra roast from Boonton Coffee Co. layers notes of dark chocolate, roast, and slight nuttiness on a semi-sweet and fruity blonde base beer.

Scene. It’s 9’am on a crisp, Saturday morning. As you peer through the condensation on your cabin window tucked into the misty mountainside, you think to yourself, “Ya’ know, this feels like a mighty fine morning to add a lil’ something extra to my cup o’ Joe”. Roasty aromas fill the air and acoustic stylings dance in your ears as you reach towards the liquor shelf to round out this serene scene. That’s the essence of Lil’ Cabin Coffee. Just a lil’ liquid to bring you back into your zen, a moment of peace and contentedness. A day where there were no obligations, where time may be taken to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. We’ve paired this beer with the local acoustic duo Hidden Cabins and infused it with Boonton Coffee Co.’s Sumatra. This darker roast’s chocolate character and slight nuttiness add dimensional layers on the slightly fruity-sweet base beer. Pair this brew with the sensual fingerings of an acoustic guitar or wherever the music transports you. We hope this brings you the headspace of relaxing with a lil’ coffee, a lil’ cream, and a lil’ something extra.

House Kolsch

ABV: 4.8%

IBU: 25

Final Gravity: 1.012

Hop Varietals: German Hallertauer and Perle

Malt Varietals: German Pilsner, Vienna, and White Wheat

Just like the steady 4/4 pulse of a deep house track, this Kölsch style ale will keep you bumpin’ all day and all night. The lower alcohol by volume, medium body, and crisp finish make this a digestible style perfect for day of enjoyment or a night of celebration. Sublte notes of biscuit and toast are generated from the malts, combining forces with the white-wine-like fruity esters produced from the yeast. A subdued earthy hop character is blended in, creating a delicate balance of flavors. It’s the type of beer you can take the time to stop and appreciate, but it’s not going to slow you down when all you want to do is dance. The was House Kölsch is inspired by timelessness, versitility, and overall vibe of the House genre. Let’s keep this party rolling with the House Kölsch!

Steel Sax

ABV: 5.5%

IBU: 35

Final Gravity: 1.012

Hop Varietals: El Dorado, Mosaic, Mandarina Bavaria, and Huell Melon

Malt Varietals: German Pilsner, Vienna, White Wheat, and Flaked Oats

Steel Sax, first brewed under the shadows of the Bethlehem Steel Stacks, is an American Pale Ale showcasing the best aspects of fruit forward, aromatic hops. We envision this beer as a hazy and dare we say…juicy pale ale. Now when we think juicy we think of a full, fat saxophone tone. Naturally, we chose the endlessly fruity El Dorado and Mosaic to take center stage and dance upon the drinker’s taste buds while playing notes of papaya, tangerine, and berry poetry. We’ve layered these hops with new-age German varietals Mandarina Bavaria and Huell Melon in order to round out the overall hop profile. We add these hop-blasts at various stages during the brewing process to allow the aromas and flavors to express themselves in a multitude of intonations. The ripe peach and tangerine flavors upfront give way to a brief dankness, blending together in beautiful harmony. Remnants of melon, papaya, and pine flesh wash away with the dry finish as you smack your lips, reaching for another pull of that glass. It’s refined yet groovy, it’s aggressive yet tempered, it’s the Steel Sax.