2nd Act

Music Inspired Beer

Howdy! Welcome to 2nd Act Beer. 

This up-and-coming entourage features three fine gentlemen who love beer – so much so that we are making it into a career…a beer career, if you will. However, other than simply making the best darn tootin’ barley imbibements we possibly can, we dug deep to figure out a way how we will stand out in this ever-growing world of craft beer. We realized we needed to do more than simply make beer. We need to create and foster community. After many long nights of laughing, bickering, drinking, and searching our collective, three-headed, belching soul – we found that glimmering jewel that can only be called ‘inspirado’.

To make beers inspired by music. To make beer meant to be enjoyed while listening intently at home, hearing and tasting each nuance in the respective medium. To make beer meant to be shared with friends and family. To make beer for the sake of music…also for the sake of beer.

Each of us have been influenced throughout our lives by these two themes. From growing up playing a variety of instruments…and then growing up further until we were old enough to appreciate a variety of fermented, malt beverages. We notice distinct parallels between the world of music and the world of beer and how they collectively bring people together. We place ourselves directly at the crux of their intersection.

Much like the band making a name for themselves starting off in smoky open-mic night venues and working their way to true recognition – we are making a name for ourselves in the beer industry. By creating beer charged by the music we enjoy, we plan on standing out against the crowd. We hope that you will join us on this journey. Stay up to date on our activity, events, and tomfoolery. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or if you would like to get ahold of beer!

Sit back, put on your favorite album, and pour yourself a beer. It’s time for the 2nd Act.

-2nd Act Beer